Comfort Zone Childcare

Philosophy and Goals

Comfort Zone Childcare is an educationally oriented day care and preschool program. Our facilities meet or exeed all of the standards set by the Department of Public Welfare for the operation of the day care facility.


Our goal at Comfort Zone Childcare is to provide children with warm, friendly and secure environment in which they can develop according to their unique needs and individual learning styles. Our rooms are busy, interesting, activity-centered places which the children enjoy due to the fun learning atmosphere.

We at Comfort Zone Childcare believe that children learn best when they are given opportunites to participate in activites and games that involve concrete physical and social experiences. Our students develop cognitive skills through carefully balanced activites such as painting, block play and dramatic play which also enhance social and emotional development. The staff are not only caregivers, but also facilitators who carefully structure the classroom environment, plan the learning experiences, and guid the children in their development.